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... Contiued: A P-ROC Project for Bally's Cactus Canyon

This is a hobby software project written for a P-ROC interface board, for use in Bally's Cactus Canyon pinball machine. It recreates the original game from the ground up, and then expands it. A lot. It's entirely a labor of love, like hot-rodding an old car. The original is still there, but awesome has been added on.

General Information

General Frequently Asked Questions
Important: Information about audio
Information about using a real Knocker
Scott Danesi's Awesome Power Controller <- HOT!
Recompiling PyPinPROC for CCC Color Support

Information about the Game

New Things in ... Continued
Things NOT in ... Continued

Gameplay Feature Settings
Machine Standard Settings
Custom Message Settings

Game Rules

Printable Custom Instruction Cards - Just in case anybody wants 'em. I made them to take with the game to Expo in Chicago.

The Game Code

This code is here, freely available to anyone for using, perusing and studying or whatever -- but I ask that if you make changes to it for your own use that you DO NOT REDISTRIBUTE IT TO ANYONE WITHOUT WRITTEN PERMISSION FROM ME and it can't be under the same (or similar) project name, and you must make it VERY CLEAR that it is not the same thing, so that I don't have other people asking me about code I didn't write.

The current project code is freely available on github here.

The packaged bits are available in three zips:

The Code - Updated May 7th, 2018
The DMD Bits - Updated June 29, 2019
The Audio Bits - Updated June 29, 2019

Change log for the code updates is here.

NOTE: Audio and DMD files are not available. The code won't run without them.

Forum Threads About the Project

If you try out the code, I'd love to hear about it.