New Things in ... Continued

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New Things in ... Continued

A new Super Skill-shot with better prizes

  • Activated by holding a flipper for two seconds when the ball is on the shooter lane switch, it kicks off with an intro animation, then updates the prizes available.
  • One of four shots (Left Loop, Left Ramp, mine, and Center Ramp) is randomly selected to start, and lights up.
  • Each hit in the ramp bowl advances both the prize, and the shot selection.
  • When the ball hits the ramp, the shot to complete is locked in, and you have one shot to make it - not a timer.
  • Hitting anything else on the table cancels the shot and you lose.

A new gimmick multiball called Drunk Multiball

  • Drunk multiball is earned with shots to the Beer Mug target (configurable amount).
  • Once lit, it starts with a shot to the saloon.
  • During the multiball, the GI is off and the flippers are reversed
  • Shots to the beer mug target add jackpots on the 5 major shots, none are lit to start.
  • There's a hefty ball save when the mode starts, and another after you're down to one ball and the mode ends.

Cowboys VS Aliens

  • When the aliens attack, first you get a shot at their ship
  • A roving jackpot shot will take down the flying saucer
  • The more you take down, the faster they move!
  • If the ship gets by the player, then aliens teleport down to the surface in groups of 2
  • Players have to kill 4 aliens to get back to the ships (which is where the good points are)

Marshall Multiball

  • When you make it to the rank of "Marshall" (by winning gunfights, or from bounty/skillshot rewards) - Marshall Multiball Starts
  • It's a two ball multiball that is a game-within-the-game scenario.
  • The whole table turns into more of an old-style EM game, complete with chimes for sounds, and a reel-looking score display
  • The points are very low, but the Marshall Old Time Pinball game has it's own high score list!
  • Notes: This mode can be completely disabled in the config if desired, and is also available from the Super Skill Shot

Alternate Rules for Stampede

  • Rather than the standard roving jackpot shot, you can enable Alternate rules for Stampede
  • With alternate rules, the center ramp is lit for a 1x jackpot
  • Shooting right or left of the jackpot moves the jackpot to the side
  • Off center it's worth 2x or 3x jackpot
  • Automatically moves back to center on a timer, or if collected.
  • If hit in the center, subsequent shots are not worth much until the jackpot is moved to the side at least once

Ambush Mode

  • Ambush alternates with Showdown, after a rack of 4 bad guys is killed via QuickDraw
  • Ambush is a combination of Showdown and Quickdraw, and is a single ball mode
  • At the start, 2 targets pop up. As the number killed increases, 3rd and 4th target are added.
  • Targets remain up for a set (configurable) number of seconds before the bad guy "escapes".
  • After a set number of bad guys (configurable) escapes, the mode ends and the bad guys reset for Quickdraws again.

A match animation

  • If you win your match, rather than a free game, you get Last Call!

Last Call

  • Awarded for winning the match (or optionally as a replay award), it's a post-game 3 ball multiball for one last chance at points to raise your score.
  • Side ramps & loops are jackpots, center ramp is a double jackpot when lit
  • Beer mug raises jackpot values - Saloon RESETS jackpot values to starting level
  • Mode ends when player is down to one ball (or none, if 2 drain close together)

Moonlight Madness

  • Starts with ball 1 of a game started within the grace period before midnight (user adjustable)
  • Dependent on the CPU system time setting
  • 4 ball multiball
  • Starts with a few shots lit - each one hits lights more
  • When all shots are lit, full blown mayhem begins - all switches worth 3 million
  • Mode ends when only 1 ball remains in play
  • Has it's own high score
  • After MM the game starts normally.
  • All players in the game get to do MM once it is triggered


  • Once either loop is completed, rather than continue to repeat their 'finished' state, there's a new award
  • Each 'full loop' shot counts as a tumbleweed, and each one is slightly more valuable than the last

A new Ramp combo shot system

  • In addition to the existing timed combos, I added a new combo system based on the ramps.
  • Shots back and forth to the Left and Right ramps build up a combo chain.
  • Staring with the second shot, each shot in the chain is worth 50,000
  • After a chain is running, if you hit the center ramp, it adds 1 to the chain and gives you a bonus of 25,000 times the length of the combo, and caps it off.

New high score categories

  • Quick Draw Champ
  • Showdown Champ
  • Ambush Champ
  • Undertaker (All three previous, combined)
  • Tumbleweed Rustler (full loops)
  • Motherlode Champ (highest value single motherlode)
  • Combo Champ (Longest ramp chain)
  • Town Drunk (Most beer mug target hits)
  • Bounty Hunter (Bart Brothers defeated)
  • Moonlight Champ

New Custom Message System

  • Up to 3 lines per page
  • Up to 5 pages of messages
  • Several choices of font size per line
  • Several choices of border per screen
  • Also selectable color for text if you have the color LCD


  • Awarded from either the super skill shot, or a bounty award
  • Once the mode starts, it moves the toy train to the middle of the track and draws a train on the DMD
  • Shots to the left side (Loop, Ramp, or Mine) move the train left
  • Shots to the right side (Loop, Ramp or Saloon) move the train right
  • Shots to the center continue the train moving in whatever direction it was going, if off center.
  • The train on the DMD and toy train both move with hits
  • The distance to move is divided into 4 steps, so the lowest shot total possible is 4
  • The score for a perfect run is 1,000,000, if you finish it up in more than that, it's only worth 750,000
  • There's a config setting for the maximum number of shots you get to try to move the train - if you reach the max, you get points based on how far off center the train is.
  • In the mean time, the game plays entirely normal behind the train, with the one exception that "Polly Peril" can't start while Move Your Train is running.
  • Note: This mode can be disabled in the game config

Franks N Beans

  • Awarded from either the skill shot or a bounty award
  • All switches are +20,000 points for 30 seconds
  • Beans, beans, the musical fruit ...
  • Can be disabled in the Feature settings if you're not a fan.


  • On every run of the gold mine multiball, after the first one, you'll run into bandits.
  • When you hit the mine to collect motherlode, they'll show up to steal it!
  • 2 guys the first 2 times, 3 the next 2, then 4 after that
  • You'll have a set time to defeat them
  • While the bandits are around, you can't score more jackpots or motherlodes
  • If you fail to kill the bad guys in time, they make off with the gold and you get no points!

Three Separate Polly Peril 'episodes'!

Polly Peril in "Rescue on the River"

  • The third shot to the river ramp starts Rescue on the River
  • Any ramp shot advances our hero closer to the boat
  • Hit enough ramp shots in time and save Polly!

Polly Peril in "Hostage at the Bank"

  • The third shot to the bank ramp starts Hostage at the Bank
  • Three bad guys are holed up in the bank and need to be dealt with
  • Each ramp shot kills one of the bad guys, you have to hit all three before time runs out!

Polly Peril in "Tied to the Tracks"

  • The third shot to the center ramp starts Tied to the Tracks (the original Polly Peril)
  • Shots during polly peril are worth 250,000 - with a bonus for the other ramps being completed first
  • For either episode, if it's complete - but lost - you gain 50,000 per shot for each mode
  • If either episode has been won - you gain an additional 250,000 per shot for each mode
  • If you fail an episode, points on that ramp shot are drastically reduced until reset by a Stampede, and you'll see a "Too Late!" on the DMD, rather than the typical victory animation.

Boss Bart (has a Posse)

  • On whichever Bart Brother fight that would like the badge award, "Boss" Bart steps in.
  • When he starts, all 4 bad guys pop up with him. Taking them out decreases (or increases, depending on settings) the value of the Boss

Party Mode - Game Tweaks

  • Turn on party mode to alter the gameplay
    • You can do that in the settings, or by holding the right flipper for 3 seconds during attract mode
  • "Flip Count" option limits the player to a certain number of flips per game.
  • "Drunk" reverses the flippers for the whole game, not just Drunk Multiball
  • "Release to Flip" inverts the flipper buttons. Hold in = Flipper down, Release = Flipper up!
  • "Newbie" - No matter what button you push, both flippers flip
  • "No Hold" - the hold coil on the flippers is deactivated
  • "Lights Out" - all the feature lamps are disabled so you don't know what's lit.
  • "Spiked" - The beer mug target will tilt your ball immediately

Motherlode badge requirement change

  • To light the motherlode item on the badge you either need:
    • 3 regular motherlodes, or
    • 1 motherlode after the motherlode multiplier has increased by clearing all the jackpots
  • Note: Most players found this to be too hard, so the default is back to the orignal way - but this version is still an option

New Config options

  • Think showdown is too easy and goes on forever? Flip on 'hard' mode and it'll only add 1 ball after starting.
  • Think the skillshot is too generous? Flip on 'hard' mode there to only get a 1 step increase for shots, rather than completion.
  • Think getting wizard mode is too easy? Add the requirement that you must be at "Marshall" rank for Bionic Bart!
  • And lots of other gameplay adjustments

Several new animations and graphics

  • Things like "Extra Ball is Lit" and "Shoot Again" now have their own new animations.
  • Some stock animations were updated on things like the bronco loops, and the river ramp
  • Several places where the original game had plain text with a thin border now have fancier displays

Support for a real knocker

  • If you have a physical knocker coil wired up correctly, you can set it up to work

Support for a lit Beer Mug toy

  • If you have, or make, a beer mug with an LED in it, you can wire it up to unused lamp position #85 on the switch matrix and it gets controlled by the game.

And of course, Bionic Bart

  • Bionic Bart is available where High Noon used to be.
  • Once all the badge points are complete, they chase in a circle.
  • A shot to the saloon starts Bionic Bart.
  • Since BB is a tough guy, it takes a helluva gun to hurt him.
  • A shot to either loop, and then the center ramp will complete the 2 step process of loading said weapon.
  • Then a shot to the saloon deals the damage (shots to the bart brother toy don't hurt a robot, your aim must be true)
  • For continuing shots, a 3rd step of "unloading" the weapon is added (either side ramp)
  • Once Bionic Bart is defeated, then High Noon lights as normal -- if Bionic Bart survives, the badge resets and you have to start over!