Stampede Multiball

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Stampede Multiball

The Stampede multiball is essentially re-created as is from the base game with updated scoring, but there's an alternate version you can enable if you'd like.

Stampede is one of the five Badge points required for Bionic Bart

Regular Stampede

  • Stampede is a three ball multiball with a roving 1x Jackpot shot
  • Ramps/Loops that are unlit award 250,000

Stampede Continued

  • At the start the center shot is lit for a 1x jackpot.
  • If you shoot to the right or left of that shot, it moves.
  • One position off center it's worth 2x, two positions off center it's worth 4x
  • The lit shot gravitates back toward center on a timer, or jumps back to center when collected.

Scoring Notes

  • The base Stampede Jackpot value starts at 250,000
  • The Stampede Jackpot value can be increased by the following things:
    • If you hit the 3rd shot on any ramp, and you're on the last ball, then rather than doing the Polly Mode, you go straight to Stampede with a 100,000 bump
    • If you WIN a side ramp Polly Peril mode, it adds 250,000 to the base Stampede Jackpot value
    • If you WIN the center ramp Polly Peril mode, it adds 500,000 to the base Stampede Jackpot value

Related Gameplay (Feature) Settings

  • Stampede Mode (Defaults to Original, Options: Origina, Alternate)
    • On "Alternate" the lit jackpot is controlled by the player by shooting left & right of it and is worth more the farther off center it is.
    • On "Original" the lit jackpot shot roams constantly on it's own