Gold Mine Multiball

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Gold Mine Multiball

The Gold Mine Multiball is from the original game. There are a few tweaks to it though.

  • There's a secret "MOOTHERLODE" jackpot worth more than the standard Motherlode
  • There's a multiball restart if you have not yet collected the motherlode badge point (optional, can be disabled).
  • On any run of the Gold Mine Multiball after the first time, Bandits will attack any time you find a motherlode!

Scoring Notes

  • Jackpots during Gold Mine Multiball are 500,000 and add 250,000 to the Motherlode value
  • If Drunk Multiball is stacked with Gold mine, Jackpot scoring is doubled.
  • Completing all 5 lit jackpot shots multiplies the next collected motherlode value

Related Gameplay (Feature) Settings

  • Gold Mine Bandits: (Defaults to 'Enabled', Options: Enabled, Disabled)
    • If enabled, on any run of the Gold Mine Multiball after the first one, when you hit 'motherlode', Bandits show up to try to steal it. Defeat them or get no points.
  • Gold Mine Bandits Timer: (Defaults to 30, Options: Min 10, Max 60)
    • Length of time in seconds you have to shoot the bandits
  • Gold Mine Multiball Restart (Defaults to Yes, Options: Yes, No)
    • If set to yes, allows a restart timer if you lose the multiball before collecting a motherlode or 3 jackpots
  • Gold Mine Restart Timer (Defaults to 8, Min 5, Max 15)
    • How long the restart timer should run
  • Motherlode Badge Difficulty (Defaults to Normal, Options: Easy, Normal)
    • On easy, one motherlode of any kind is required, On Normal you either need 3 regular motherlode shots, or one "multiplied" motherlode shot