Bart Brothers

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The Bart Brothers

The villains of Cactus Canyon are the nefarious Bart Brothers. Defeating a certain number of them is required for your Badge. Each time you defeat one, a Gunfight is lit and must be completed before you can move on to the next.

The Bart 'Family'

  • Big Bart
  • Bubba Bart
  • Bandelero Bart
  • Boss Bart
  • Bionic Bart
  • And other Special Guests

Boss Bart

Whenever you've defeated enough Bart Brothers that the next one will award you the Badge point, you'll have to face Boss Bart.

Boss bart has a posse. The four bad guy targets come up, and affect the scoring of Boss Bart depending on how you have the "Boss Bart Posse" setting, the rules are different.

  • The default setting is 'Avoid' - which means you get more points for hitting the Boss based on how many targets are still up.
  • The 'Defeat' setting reverses this and gives you more points for shots to the Boss based on how many targets you have knocked down

Related Gameplay (Feature) Settings

  • Bart Brothers Difficulty (Defaults to Easy, Options: Easy, Hard)
    • This determines how many hits each bart brother takes to be defeated. When set to hard, the number of shots for each one is increased.
  • Bart Brothers for Star (Defaults to 3, Min 2, Max 10)
    • Number of bart brothers to defeat to light the badge
  • Boss Bart Posse (Defaults to 'Avoid', Options: 'Shoot','Avoid'
    • When on "Avoid" shots to the Boss are multiplied in value by the number of bad guy targets still standing
    • When on "Shoot" each target taken out bumps up the base value of shots to the Boss | utf-8 |

| 80 | ==Bionic Bart== Bionic Bart is a secret weapon that Boss Bart built. A steam driven steel cowboy built for one thing, killing law men.

You have to complete the Badge points to light Bionic Bart. Once the badge is complete, the lights will chase in a circle and then you can shoot the Saloon to start the showdown with Bionic Bart.

He's built rather tough, so plain old weapons can't hurt him, you'll have to load the big gun before each hit.

Loading the Weapon

Lodaing the weapon is a 3 step process.

  • Unload the previous round
    • Shoot any Loop
  • Load New Ammo
    • Shoot either side ramp
  • Shut the gun
    • Shoot the center ramp

Once the weapon is loaded, you can shoot Bionic Bart. The number of hits needed to defeat Bionic Bart is configurable in the settings.

The first round only requires 2 shots, since the gun isn't loaded to begin with.

Related Gameplay (Feature) Settings

  • Bionic Bart Ball Save (Defaults to Disable, Options: Enable, Disable)
    • If enabled, there's a ball saver at the start of each phase of the Bionic Bart fight
  • Bionic Bart Ball Save Timer (Defaults to 15, Min 5, Max 40)
    • Number of seconds the Bionic Bart ball saver will last at each phase.
  • Marshall Req for Bionic (Defaults to No, Opitons: No, Yes)
    • If set to Yes, even if the badge is complete, bionic bart will not start if you are not at the rank of Marshall
  • Shots to defeat Bionic Bart (Defaults to 3, Min 2, Max 10)
    • The number of times you must complete the shot sequence that hits Bionic Bart to win the battle