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Rick & Morty Pinball Latest Public Release

Click to Download: Build: 2021.08.10

MD5: 95df85645d7572e626c0462cb71bbd36 rm-gamecode-20210810.pkg

 - If your build is earlier than 2020.02.17, reset your settings after you update.
 - If you are updating from 2020.03.17 or earlier you must run the update TWO TIMES.
 - For best results always use the USB 3.0 (blue) port on the CPU
 - A USB 3.0 thumb drive is also highly recommended.
 - Make sure there is only ONE pkg file on the USB stick and that the ".pkg" extension is correct

Build 2021.08.10:
 - Added: New setting to allow SFX to play during music adventures (callouts are still off)
 - Added: New setting to allow Antigravity while right flipper is on (may need larger fuse - use at own risk)
 - Added: Initial Scorbit support
 - Added: Snuck in a few unused callouts we had laying around.
 - Fixed: FACTS during the finale video of Pickle Rick would crash the game.
 - Fixed: The 50 point bug that would mess up the megaseed digits
 - Fixed: If in TOURNAMENT mode and meeseeks box was disabled when mystery attempts to award, game dies.
 - Fixed: "my balls are stuck in the scoop, Morty!" is FIXED! HOORAY!
 - Fixed: Reset high scores would only reset the main GC/Top 4, not champs.
 - Fixed: Roy shouldn't register a shot if started with GMB
 - Changed; "Charge Portal Gun" mystery award now called "Open Portal"
 - Changed: "Empty Balls" utility kicks the balls out of the shooter lane automatically now.

Build 2021.05.18:
 - Fixed: Individual utilities to clear data sections clear all data.
 - Fixed: The 50 point bug that would mess up the megaseed digits.
 - Fixed: Crash in changing dimensions in tournament mode.
 - Fixed: Crash if you entered the service menu when an adventure intro was happening.
 - Fixed: bad high score image replaced with blank circle instead of magenta grid of trash.
 - Fixed: Roving shots in Scary Terry could stop roving after the timer ended.
 - Fixed: Grenade light in purge wouldn't re-light if you had none and got another.
 - Fixed: The speaker light colors and PF flash colors in bonus weren't matching properly.
 - Fixed: Flipper settings are all properly re-read after adjustment, without a restart.
 - Changed: Put Jerry's Simulation dimension back in without the 'my man' call out.
 - Changed: Options for what hold pattern to use have been removed.  After much testing and discussions 
            with an electrical engineer friend, the ORIGINAL pattern is now the only one.
 - Changed: An "EXTREME" option added for even stronger hold at the expense of more heat.
 - Changed: Recovery rules were moved back to the software side (instead of hardware rules) to reduce 
            complexity and simplify race conditions with rapid flipping.

Build 2021.04.05:
 - Added: Adventure: Goodbye Moonmen
 - Added: Another vanity high score type: The Most Jerry
 - Added: Setting 'Adventure Either Ramp Counts to Qualify' - leaves both ramps enabled for adventure 
               qualify. Disabled by default.
 - Added: New "AGGRESSIVE" option for the flipper hold that will reduce timings more, but 
                    generate more heat.
 - Added: Setting - "Topper Rotation Motor" [ENABLE, DISABLE] - Enabled by default.
 - Fixed: Fatality shot in Blood Dome could be collected more than once.
 - Fixed: Right drop stayed purple in Blood Dome if the shot was used up
 - Fixed: Flasher indication of endgame shot for Blood Dome would go off if MB started.
 - Fixed: Mystery handling changed to avoid a race condition issue when the game is very busy
 - Changed: Music adventures no longer vacate the dimension if it was a feature dimension with music.
 - Changed: Default flipper hold patterns updated to new timings to reduce heat build up.

Full public release change log is available here
Documenting Flipper-gate 2021