This is the latest build available for Rick & Morty. if you're running the builds from this page, we'd 
love it if you would send in log files if you run into any issues.

To grab a log after something happens; leave the game on and put a USB stick with no package file on it
into the CPU. As long as the game isnt completely locked up, it will copy a log file to the stick, which 
you can then email to me, with a description of what happened:

 - If your current build is earlier than 2020.02.17, reset your settings after you update.
 - For best results always use the USB 3.0 (blue) port on the CPU for updates.
 - A USB 3.0 thumb drive is also highly recommended.
 - All "Debug" really means is these have detailed logging turned on.
 - Official updates will be posted on the Spooky Pinball Game Support Page.

Full public release change log is available here.

VERY IMPORTANT BIT: IF YOU ARE UPDATING FROM VERSION 2020.03.17 OR LESS YOU MUST RUN THE UPDATE TWO TIMES IN A ROW! 1. Install update like normal 2. LEAVE THE USB STICK IN THE GAME 3. Power cycle 4. Let update install again.
Current Beta Build Available: 2020.07.10 D (You only need to do the double install one time - if you're updating from any build 2020.05.20 or higher, once is enough) Changes since last public release: Pending Changes in the next build: - Added: 2 New Scoring Dimensions: Hv3-LT / Hv3-RT - Added: 2 new Negative Dimensions: W3k-LT / W3k-RT - Fixed: Crash bug in Meeseeks Mania if tilted - Fixed: Shooter power was only reading the setting on bootup due to recent changes Build 2020.07.10 D: - Fixed: knocker not firing on match (Doh!) - Fixed: dead sling not actually being dead in that dimension - Changed: Removed some unused videos to bring the file size down Build 2020.07.09 D: - Added: Adventure: Blood Dome Build 2020.07.07 D: - Fixed: Updating the meeseeks info in the score display would crash in certain circumstances - Fixed: Certain conditions could cause the jerry hurry up to try to start after the mania mode had already ended/unloaded, which would crash. - Changed: more checking added for extra balls in the portal during multiball. - Changed: More checking for extra balls ending up in shooter lane during multiball. (second upload - same version number) - Changed: Tweaked handling of re-attempts to clear the shooter lane. Build 2020.06.25 D: - Fixed: Some fool left the "always do pickle rick" flag on after debugging. Build 2020.06.24 D: - Fixed: Recent change to prevent music during adventure start could lead to and adventure running without music in certain specific conditions. - Fixed: If a ball entered the lock as the decay timer ended, but didn't confirm the lock until AFTER the timer had ended while waiting for settle time, things would get confused. - Fixed: Ball locks weren't actually adding up in the audits. - Fixed: Entering menu during a sound effects altering dimension would stick those sounds on for the start of the next game. - Fixed: If you ended the game AND had pickle rick ready to start AND lifted the playfield before the match ended - the portal ball would trigger pickle rick to start. - Changed: Priority lowered on the death save video so it doesn't interrupt other more important things, since it's just for fun. Bulid 2020.06.19: - This release is the 2020.06.19 Public release. - Refer to the public change log for details.