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Rick & Morty Pinball Latest Public Release

Click to Download: Build: 2021.04.05

MD5: a29f8cd8bca243f1445fec344be1f51f rm-gamecode-20210405.pkg

 - If your build is earlier than 2020.02.17, reset your settings after you update.
 - If you are updating from 2020.03.17 or earlier you must run the update TWO TIMES.
 - For best results always use the USB 3.0 (blue) port on the CPU
 - A USB 3.0 thumb drive is also highly recommended.
 - Make sure there is only ONE pkg file on the USB stick and that the ".pkg" extension is correct

Build 2021.04.05:
 - Added: Adventure: Goodbye Moonmen
 - Added: Another vanity high score type: The Most Jerry
 - Added: Setting 'Adventure Either Ramp Counts to Qualify' - leaves both ramps enabled for adventure 
               qualify. Disabled by default.
 - Added: New "AGGRESSIVE" option for the flipper hold that will reduce timings more, but 
                    generate more heat.
 - Added: Setting - "Topper Rotation Motor" [ENABLE, DISABLE] - Enabled by default.
 - Fixed: Fatality shot in Blood Dome could be collected more than once.
 - Fixed: Right drop stayed purple in Blood Dome if the shot was used up
 - Fixed: Flasher indication of endgame shot for Blood Dome would go off if MB started.
 - Fixed: Mystery handling changed to avoid a race condition issue when the game is very busy
 - Changed: Music adventures no longer vacate the dimension if it was a feature dimension with music.
 - Changed: Default flipper hold patterns updated to new timings to reduce heat build up.

Flipper Settings Details:
Flipper knockdown should no longer  be a problem with any setting, but you may get more 'dip and 
recover' with the lower (weaker) hold settings. To help the flippers recover well, make sure to adjust
your EOS switches so that they close/open near the  end of the flipper stroke.  That switch opening is 
what lets the game know it needs to recover.

"Flipper Hold Pulse Pattern" has 3 options: ORIGINAL, DEFAULT, and AGGRESSIVE.  
 - The "ORIGINAL" setting is what the game used from launch until the end of 2020.
 - The "DEFAULT" setting reduces hold power in favor of heat conservation.
 - The "AGGRESSIVE" setting increases hold power, but will generate more heat over time.

The "DEFAULT" and "AGRESSIVE" settings basically continue in a straight line, so in
order of "weakest/low heat" to "strongest/most heat" it goes like this:

We encourage you to start with the DEFAULT/MEDIUM setting and only scale up toward the stronger
settings if necessary - then only go up one step at a time and see how it plays, rather than jumping 
immediately to the high end.

Full public release change log is available here