Custom Message Settings

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Custom Message Settings

You can set a custom message of up to five pages that will appear in the attract mode. All the options are in the service menu.

Here's a video demo of the message system in action:

To get to the custom message options:

Enter the service menu Select SETTINGS Up/Down to find CUSTOM MESSAGE

The first option determines if the custom message is visible in the attract mode - so you can turn it on/off without clearing everything.

The second option determines how many pages of the message will be shown starting with 1 -- so if you want to scale down from 5 to say 3, you can, without clearing out pages 4 and 5.

Each page has

  • A selectable backdrop
  • Up to three lines of text - the system is dynamic, centering whatever you do enter, vertically

Each line of text has these options

  • Color of the text (for use with CCC Color display
  • Size of the text (5, 7, 9 or 12) height in pixels
  • Justification of the text (left, center or right)
  • A string of up to 16 characters

Any time you press enter to edit a string of text, it clears the current line and you start fresh (as it works right now).

At the end of each "page" section is a PREVIEW item that will show you the current frame for a few seconds to see how it's coming out.


  • Use the previews to check how the pages look. It does what it can to auto set the vertical spacing, but if you make bad choices (like 3 lines of 12 point fonts) it might suck
  • If you want a page to stay visible longer in the attract mode, just make 2 pages in a row the same

To reset the custom message to blank:

  • Enter the service menu
  • Select UTILITIES
  • Up/Down to find MESSAGES RESET