Old Chicago (Bally, 1976)

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Skill shot: the lit lane at the top; note that it switches sides with top rubber hits, so nudge accordingly for the left side or lag plunge it for the right side if you can get it to dribble in without triggering the right rubber’s switch [not that easy, it’s pretty sensitive].

This game is all about the bonus. Shoot the spinner on the left to advance it, collect it at the center saucer. If the ball is on the left flipper and you have little bonus, you can shoot the drops or saucer in the upper right for points. If the kickout from the saucer comes clean to the right flipper, though, either by cradle dead bounce or live catch, you can shoot the saucer as a ball transfer. Then shoot the left spinner.

Once the saucer value is high enough, just repeat saucer shots as much as you can, using whichever technique [dead bounce, catch, trap] works best to set up a repeat shot.

This is a great game for patience and for practicing dead bounces. Many bounces will end up dropping towards a flipper, and dead bouncing is most often the best way to get control. Most Old Chicagos play slow, too, other than when the ball is in the bumpers.

Speaking of ball in the bumpers, if your bumpers are reasonably active, don’t worry overmuch about shaking the game while the ball is in them; it doesn’t drain through the lanes below them as often as you’d think unless the bumpers are weak.

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