Lost World (Bally, 1978)

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Quickie Version

 Get all six letters, then shoot saucers all day. 
 Go-To Flipper:  Mild bias to Right until you have A and B, then Balanced.

Full Detail

Skill Shot: make either the A or B lane. Once you’ve played a ball, if your shots to the top through the spinner usually go into one particular lane of the two, try thereafter to get the other lane on future plunges.

Two major things here, bonus and the saucers. The simpler is the saucers - - the value goes up each time you make the shot, 1K-2K-4K-6K-8K-10K, then stays at 10K after one pause for a special. If the kickout from the saucers is good, you can just repeat them all day for lots of points.

The bonus method involves hitting all four letter standup targets and the two lanes, A and B, at the top. C+D lights double bonus; C+D+E+F lights triple bonus; add A and B for all six to get 5X bonus. A+B+C+D lights the extra ball captive ball, but that’s only worth shooting at if EBs are active. Lanes, the six letter targets and the spinner all advance your base bonus, to a maximum of 29K. By the time you get all six letters via shots at the targets and to the top through the spinner, you’ll probably be at least halfway there; don’t worry about your base bonus, let it happen. Your maximum overall bonus is 5X29K or 145,000.

Key feeds are the kickouts from the two saucers; you’ll need to determine whether to dead bounce, live catch, hold up a flipper or something else to get control of the ball after one, and they’ll likely be different from each side.

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