Hokus Pokus (Bally, 1976)

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Skill shot: two-parter here. You want to go over the top “B” or “C” roll over disks and have the ball drop through a different lettered top lane below the rollovers. You activate double bonus by getting all four letters A-B-C-D, so making two on the skill shot gets you halfway there. When possible, nudge to get the B or C lanes at the top, given a choice of those vs. A and D, since you can get the A and D letters lower down on the playfield via either the stand-up targets or the rollovers above the side spinners [preferred method].

Ball on either flipper: UTAD, through the spinner, unless the yellow “open gate” target is lit in the upper center of the game. In that case, shoot through the center spinner to try to hit it and open the gate.

Ball control: when you have a choice of which flipper to let the ball come to, take the right side. Shots with the right flipper to the top give you the chance to collect more letters through the top lanes.

When extra balls are enabled, collecting A-B-C-D twice scores it.

Avoid the A and D stand-up targets unless you just need one of them to get extra ball. Even then, I’d probably still shoot through the spinner.

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