Gulfstream / Tropic Fun (Williams, 1973)

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Quickie Version

 shoot the center target to get three numbers in a row and shoot to collect of the all lettered lanes.
 Go-To Flipper:  Balanced.

Full Detail

I played this game a lot in college, and it was fun, but largely because it was set for extra balls. Since I was in a snowy climate, the tropic part [backglass scene] was welcome, too. There are two themes to this game, completing the lettered lanes and the center target. The center target scores one of the 1-9 targets, whichever is lit on the playfield below it at the time. The key here is to get either three number in a row or all four corner numbers. Doing so lights the center target and the two side saucers for 5000, plus extra balls or specials when enabled. Finishing the S-P-E-C-I-A-L letters lights the return lanes for 5000. These are the only big points available on the game; the rest of the time, these are 500, as are the lanes at all times.

Since this machine was really designed for EBs and free games, it’s rarely used in tournaments.

Artwork note: while human figures in pinball art are not always properly scaled, the ones on the playfield here are exceptionally bad: the arms and legs are way too long compared to the rest of the bodies. Watch out for those sharp knees!

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