Gay 90’s (Williams, 1970)

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Quickie Version

 UTAD, or UTAD with pauses to shoot the hole when the hole value is 400 or 500 points.
 Go-To Flipper:  Balanced.

Full Detail

Skill Shot: drop the ball between the top bumpers, ideally so it rolls over the little white knob that “scores lit value” [rotating awards are hole advance, open right gate, open left gate]. A full plunge is often the right strength for this.

This game is about the A and B drop targets and the hole awards. Shooting both the A and B targets scores 200, raises the center post, and increases the hole value. The targets then reset for you to repeat this. Continue to hit the A and B to keep getting those 200’s and raising the hole value. Collect the hole when you feel its high enough; hole value goes 50-100-200-300-400-500. Hole values above 50 reset down to 50 after being collected. You may be able to repeatedly flip into the hole, let the kickout settle back on the left flipper-center post point, then flip it from there back into the hole. If the ball settles back on the right hand side, you may be able to microflip it back to the left for the repeat shot.

On some units, a full power flip from the post-cradle may be too strong and be rejected at the hole. Try a medium-level flip rather than a full one or a soft tapping one.

Even though there’s a left gate kickback, and a ball going into the left gate when open should score 400 points by the time it’s kicked back out, keep the ball away from there. Sometimes the kicker misses or kicks too weakly to pop the ball back into play.

The center target scores 100 and advances the hole value, but I avoid it unless I have the post up and either also have the right gate open or else have the ball cradled and my shot is at it while it’s lit to open that right gate. Otherwise, it’s a rebound risk.

Shots to the top usually come back to the bottom on a flipper or hit the slings; side drains from up top are at highest risk when the ball is rolling down the right side of the back of the moving target section.

Flipper techniques: when you get the ball between the upraised post and a flipper tip, microflipping to transfer it to the other flipper is more difficult than on other games with this opportunity. As you try to creep up your microflip to “just enough to transfer the ball,” the flippers on Gay 90’s tend to go nothing-nothing-nothing-too much. This can lead to a flip straight out the right drain from the left flipper or an uncontrolled shot off the left wall from the right flipper. Be careful!

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