Bow and Arrow (Bally, 1975)

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Skill shot: center saucer for 3K and open gate. 4K and 5K are okay, but opening the gate is worth the point differential. If you can, plunge so the ball hits one or both of the 500-point star rollovers disks before dropping into the top saucer.

Use the spinners to advance bonus. Collect bonus in saucer in upper left. Once bonus 7000+ [higher or lower depending on your shotmaking % and match score situation], shoot the saucer all day.

Key feed: saucer kickout. You may be able to repeat this shot several times via either one-timing it properly or live catching it on the right flipper, then shooting it again

Hitting any of the A,B,C,D standups lights the corresponding bumper; getting all four standups activates Double Bonus. They’re not worth shooting at, though, IMO, due to rebound risk. But if you have collected 3 of them at some point for whatever reason, go ahead and shoot the final one.

Only shoot for the center extra ball target if it’s turned on; otherwise, it’s too risky. If enabled, the EB light activates when bonus is maxed at 10K.

Don’t bother shooting the gate even if it’s open as you don’t have a good angle on it from the flippers, but do try to nudge the ball through it if it’s in the vicinity.

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