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Hi, I’m Bob Matthews, a.k.a. BobMathUse, a.k.a. BMU [high score initials]. I started playing pinball in the early 1970s. It was 10 cents a game, all Electro-Mechanical games, “EMs” for short. The machines were add-a-ball only, since replays were not permitted where I lived in upstate New York. [Fortunately, upstate and New York City often disagreed on things, and still do; there was no issue with pinball’s legality where I was.]

To make my dimes go the furthest, I had to strive for long games. This is some of my accumulated knowledge from the past 45+ years. My ideas aren’t always perfect, nor my execution of them, but they’ve worked pretty well for me. In some cases, expert players may have different opinions on choices of shots or flipper techniques to use than what I describe here. That’s fine; if you find or hear of something better that works for you, use it! If you find the tips here help you, you’re welcome, and spread the word. And if you want to pass this along to someone or somewhere else, go ahead, as long as it’s attributed to me.

This guide is presented free to anyone; if you like it enough, you can send a donation to Project Pinball [1] and mention my name.

You can reach me at

This page is one of many in the The Players Guide to Classic Pinball by written by Bob Matthews