2001 / Dimension (Gottlieb, 1971)

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Quickie Version

 UTAD via bank shots off of the drop target banks. 
 Go-To Flipper: Balanced.

Full Detail

Center saucer is always worth 300. This is your skill shot on ball one. Once other saucers are lit, you want to change your skill shot to a different saucer [see below].

The other 4 top saucers are worth 300 AFTER you’ve completed the 5 drops of the corresponding color, e.g. 5 greens down lights the green saucer, worth only 50 until then. This means that, given a choice of drop targets, finish a color. Completing a color also lights the lane of that color for 300 vs. 50 points. The upper colors, green and red, are better to get first since these each lights a return lane, while the lower banks each light an outlane.

The kickout from the center saucer goes onto the upper right sling, but usually not causing a hard enough kick to keep the ball up top. Unless the sling on your machine is snappy enough to keep the ball up top, prepare for nudging as it comes down. You want the ball to bounce off the red or yellow targets, or the rubber behind them, just enough to roll gently down the face of the lower slings to the flipper. Too hard a bounce will go down the middle.

The kickouts from the other four color saucers will hit a top bumper; depending on the exact alignment, you can sometimes nudge the rebound back into a saucer [may be a different saucer]. If so, do as often as you can, and also change your skill shot to aim for that saucer.

Avoid the 4 standup targets facing you in the center. These are only useful on location when they award a replay or extra ball when lit [if turned on].

Ball control: you usually can hold the flipper up and pass the ball across when it is rolling down the return lane. The choice of doing this or not goes with what targets you need to complete a color set first.

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