Triple Action / Star Action (Williams, 1974)

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Quickie Version

 UTAD, with optional spinner risk once your base bonus is maxed. 
 Go-To Flipper: Balanced.

Full Detail

The skill shot is to hit as many of the top disk “advance bonus” rollovers as possible before having the ball drop into the lit advance spinner lane. The lit lane changes as the ball hits the side rubbers at the top.

After that, go up top until your base bonus is maxed out at 10000. Once the base bonus is maxed, if you’re close to completing the center spinner to increase the bonus multiplier, go up top again and try to get the lit lane to finish it.

The fastest way to increase your bonus multiplier is to shoot the spinner. If the spinner is not too lively, though, ignore it and stick with UTAD for the lit lane. I’d say to ignore the spinner completely, except that UTAD will eventually drain when the ball comes out of the top bumpers the wrong way towards those gaping no-return-lane sides or straight down the middle, so since one good whack to the spinner can be worth several top shots as far as advancing the spinner goes, it can be less risky statistically to take one spinner shot than those several top shots. The spinner shot is best done when the spinner posts are near the 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock positions to maximize the number of spins a hit to it gets you. Also, try to hit the outside edges of the posts: you want the rebound to go sideways and up rather than down towards an outlane.

Ignore the A-B-C-D completely. I much prefer the add-a-ball version of this game [Star Action], since it brings the A-B-C-D into play - - completing them twice scores an extra ball in that version.

Once your bonus is at 30,000, if the spinner is lit for 100 points per spin, spinner all day until you drain. Otherwise UTAD until you drain.

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