Surfer / Surf Champ (Gottlieb, 1976)

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Quickie Version

 Shoot the ball over the 5 star rollovers towards the drop targets to increase the saucer value, then saucer all day from the left flipper and left lane to the top from the right.
 Go-To Flipper:  Bias Right to build saucer value, bias Left once value high.

Full Detail

Skill shot: the left orbit shot is fine if the feed from it is good. If the feed is not consistently good, go for the lit lane of the four at the top instead.

Basic strategy is to shoot the drop targets and top saucer while having the ball go over the central star rollovers en route. The stars increase the saucer value [top right, base value 1000] by 1000 per rollover collected. Shooting the center rollover should go through the spinner. Shooting the two left rollovers should continue on to get a drop target or two. Shooting the right rollover is close to the shot for the saucer. The riskiest rollover is the second from the right, which continues on into the right bumper; watch out for the rebound!

Top lanes and upper left lane advance bonus, maxes at 15000. Double bonus is in two steps: first, get all five rollovers to light the left side center and right side center lanes; then get the ball through the lit lane to increase the multiplier. If you’re on the last ball, where the bonus is already doubled, this advances you to triple bonus.

Important feeds to observe: ball coming down the top left advance lane behind the drop targets, and ball coming out of either side lane. You may have to nudge.

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