Super Straight (Segasa / Sonic, 1977)

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Quickie Version

 UTAD via the left side and upper right gate at first; UTAD through the spinner once that’s lit.  Shoot Collect Bonus when worth 70k+.
 Go-To Flipper:  Balanced.

Full Detail

Skill shot – plunge the center lane for 5K + advance bonus; only one of the side lanes advances bonus [lit, alternates sides], and they’re only worth 1K.

Strategy – Initial: from the left flipper, shoot the right gate to go back up top for more bonus advances. From the right flipper, shoot the two Jack standup targets to light bonus collect; even if you miss, you may hit other standups that will be useful. Getting both kings opens the gate; the queen lights the rollover; the tens light the bumpers

Strategy changes:

  1. When you have 70K+ bonus AND bonus Collect lit, change your right flipper shot to the Bonus Collect saucer. Maintain gate shot from Left.
  2. If you get the Spinner lit before maxing out your bonus, change Left flipper shot to the spinner [assuming the spinner spins well].
  3. When you have bonus maxed out at 100K, change Left flipper shot to shatzing the right inlane to Right shot at the collect saucer.

Trek are wide enough to make shatzing relatively safe even for those players not very adept at this type of shot. In fact, this is a good game to learn this skill on: start with games like this with wide gaps between the bottom of the return lane and the bottom of the slingshot above it, then work your way into narrower ones like High Speed. Here, though, the shatz shot will not roll up the return lane due to the sharp corner in the wire, it will simply serve as a flipper transfer mechanism.

If you happen to hit one of the Ace targets along the way [which often happens when you miss the gate shot on the right or the Jack shot on the left], go ahead and shoot the other Ace if you get the chance. The two aces light a return lane [it alternates] for Double Bonus. While double bonus can be very valuable, the rebound risk off the Aces tends to be high, so I don’t go for them at all unless the bonus is near maximum - - especially since you don’t get double bonus unless the ball falls into one of the return lanes. It happens, but you’re more likely to drain out the side than get double bonus.

No real “key feeds,” but take note of the kickout from the Collect Bonus saucer on the left.

Like its Sonic / Segasa brethren Cherry Bell, Mars Trek and Monaco, Super Straight has the “should I shoot to collect bonus with double bonus lit?” quandary, since the bonus value is not doubled when shooting the collect saucer. Take note of your competitive position before shooting it, since you’ll need to “refill” the bonus before you drain to make your doubler worthwhile again.

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