Super Orbit (Gottlieb, 1983)

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Quickie Version

 Shoot the spinner on the right and the vari-target on the left to increase bonus, then try to go through the top right gate to collect it; repeat. 
 Go-To Flipper:  Left.

Full Detail

Younger brother of 1971’s Orbit, Super Orbit has pretty much the same rules as the original, just one more scoring digit. He’s the scoop.

The Skill Shot is to plunge the advance bonus lane, the center of the three at the top left. Just watch out, on some games the ball may then go SDTM.

Strategy is to build bonus and collect it as many times as possible during the ball. One way to do this is hitting the vari-target, which advances bonus and scores points; the further back you push it, the better, up to 50,000 plus 5 advances. You also get double bonus if you’re able to get an all-the-way-back level 6 shot to the vari-target; that can be huge, so see if the flippers are strong enough to do it. See where the ball rebounds after you hit the vari-target; you may be able to get the ball back to a cradle on the left flipper after your shot.

The other bonus-building strategy is shooting the right side spinner, which is usually a safer shot than the vari-target when you miss. The ball will continue up into the bumpers, which also give good value of 10,000 when lit [1000 unlit]. Slingshot hits toggle the bumper lights, as well as the top lanes at times.

To collect your bonus, nudge the ball towards the upper right always-open gate; going through it collects [and resets] bonus and gives you a free plunge.

If the bumpers are lit, the spinner/bumper option is the better one. I also prefer the spinner when I’m nearing maximum bonus, since shots through it have a chance of bouncing through the collect-bonus gate.

There’s also a lower gate, opened when the ball goes through the left return lane, so nudge the ball into that when you can. Shots through the upper gate will close the lower gate if it’s open.

Base bonus maxes out at 190,000 and is doubled on the last ball.

Ignore the 30,000-point standup target on the right.

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