Spin Out (Gottlieb, 1975)

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Quickie Version

 Up top until the Hole Value lanes are lit, then Roto target for needed numbers, then UTAD, via the side Hole Value / Roto lanes if you can.
 Go-To Flipper:  Balanced.

Full Detail

You want lanes and roto target hits, but each letter you collect increases their value, and that of the roto hole in the center. Going back up top is easier than it looks - - the curved plastics above / outside the bumpers tend to deflect the ball up towards the A-B-C-D. The way to the best points is to complete as many numbers as you can by hitting the two exposed roto targets [you also collect a number when you drain out the side], then either shoot the ball into the saucer in the center or get it through one of the “Hole Value When Lit” lanes that’s lit. I don’t recall the details of how you light those Hole Value lanes - - I think each one is keyed to one of the lettered top lanes. If so, then you want as many top lanes collected as possible.

Tactically, shooting at the center saucer to collect the 1000 plus 1000 per spot value is not worth the risk. You’re better off trying to slide the ball up one of the sides lanes or threading the gap between either of those and the bumpers to go up top and try to get the ball to bounce into one of the Hole Value lanes as it comes back down.

So, basically, UTAD until you have the Hole Value lanes lit, then shoot at the Roto targets to get numbers you don’t have so far. Whenever neither of the two exposed Roto numbers is one you still need, go up top instead. Once you have all [or most] of the seven numbers, UTAD.

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