Slick Chick (Gottlieb, 1963)

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Quickie Version

 UTAD, and nudge for as much bumper action as you can get.
 Go-To Flipper:  Balanced.

Full Detail

It’s a bumper-love luck-box for the most part. Most points on the game come from the three standup targets and the six lanes. Only the two side standups can be shot from the flippers, and most of the time you’ll be shooting them on the fly since cradling on this game isn’t that easy to come by. None of the six lanes can be shot directly from either flipper; you get one chance per ball to for one of the two at the top with your Skill Shot. The bumpers are only worth one point, lit or not.

The Slick and Chick letters are all about completing lanes to light specials and are largely irrelevant in tournament play. They do change the value of the top stand up target (that you can’t shoot).

The center gobble hole is worth 100 but ends the ball.

Despite the lack of side outlanes, the huge center gap keeps ball times down and makes house balls not uncommon.

The hard rubber ovals just below the flipper tips: balls falling from above with enough speed that hit these often bounce up and across to where the opposite flipper can hit them. Don’t lose a ball you didn’t need to by giving up on it too soon!

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