Sky Dive (Gottlieb, 1974)

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Quickie Version

 Get ALL 7 numbered lanes, then shoot the twice-lit drop targets.
 Go-To Flipper:  Bias Left until you have all of the numbers, bias Right thereafter to shoot drop targets.

Full Detail

This is a foreign version of Sky Jump / Free Fall with alternate scoring. Once a target is double-lit with ALL 7 lanes completed, it scores 50K. Target lighting is a bit different from Sky Jump, with not just one but an alternating set of 4 targets lit at one level at all times, either 1 through 4 or 4 through 7 [it changes on 10-point switches, e.g. slingshots]. The other light for each numbered drop target is lit when you get that numbered lane. The scoring for drop targets is no lights 50, one light 500, two lights but not all numbers 5000, two lights and all seven numbers 50,000. Even a really long game with lots of 5K target hits will lose out to another game with just a couple of 50k hits. It’s imperative that you try to get all seven numbers a.s.a.p.

The optimal strategy for getting all seven numbers is to plunge for the 5, then shoot the ball up the 6 all day from the left flipper and nudge the ball towards the other lanes. You can get both the 4 and 7 lanes via the right side chute, so balls near that top right bumper should be nudged towards the chute. For the others, just be persistent. Since your goal is to get all seven numbers, the strategy for what order to get them in is a bit different than on Sky Jump, where you want as many as possible quickly, but getting all seven is not critical.

Once you have all seven numbers, just go to town on the drop targets, remembering the 10-point switching.

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