Sinbad / Eye of the Tiger (Gottlieb, 1978)

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Quickie Version

 Complete the four colored drop target banks, ideally in this order:  white [1], yellow [2], purple [3], red [4].  Then UTAD via the left orbit or center spinner.
 Go-To Flipper:  Right.

Full Detail

Sequence matters. You need the single white target to advance to double bonus; the two yellow targets plus the white one give you triple; white, yellows and the three purple targets gives 4X; and adding the four red drops makes it 5X. But if you have nine of the ten drops and the one you’re missing is the white one … you’re still at single bonus. The order you actually hit them in doesn’t matter, just which ones you’ve got so far. If you get the white one last but do get it before you drain, you’ll still get your 5X. But obviously you want to get them in order in case you drain before you get them all.

Each completed target color set also lights the corresponding top lane for the higher value - - the white lane on the right goes from 100 to 1000, the yellow lane from 500 to 5K, purple from 1000 to Extra Ball, red one from 5000 to special [useless in competition]. If extra balls are enabled, one strategy is to shoot for the purple targets first, then flip the ball up top and try to get it to drop through the purple lane to score the extra ball.

Center spinner advances bonus 1K for every 5 spins. Green star rollovers on the upper left advance bonus 1K each when lit; top lanes light them, one for each. So go up top to advance your base bonus and get the drop targets to multiply it.

Once you finish the drop targets, the bonus will be collected, and you can rebuild it and collect it again. You’ll need to redo both the base and the multiplier. The bonus counting down can be distracting if you’re not expecting it; the best thing to do is go back up top while it counts. You don’t have to cradle up while it does so, and anything you score while it’s happening will be kept.

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