Royal Flush Deluxe (Gottlieb, 1983)

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Quickie version

 UTAD via the left 30,000 lane, lit or not.
 Go-To Flipper:  Right.

Full Detail

As you would expect, similar to Royal Flush the EM, but with a small wrinkle. The SS version has the bonus scores 10 times higher than on the EM, but the pad targets behind the center drops have the same value as on the older game. This means that going for the center 3000 pad once the targets are finished is no longer worthwhile; it pales compared to the left half-orbit shot, which was increased by a factor of 10 along with the bonus. So now it’s left 30,000 lane all day once the drops are done, don’t even think about the center pad at all for the whole game.

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