Ro Go (Bally, 1974)

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Quickie Version

 Center horseshoe shot all day.  Nudge the ball through any of the three gates when open if you can.
 Go-To Flipper:  Balanced.

Full Detail

Ro Go is another bonus-focused game, but more balanced than many others. Your skill shot is the top center lane, which scores 1000, opens both gates on the right side and advances bonus by 1000. The two top saucers each score 500, give two bonus advances rather than one, but only open one gate - - the right saucer opens the upper gate, the left saucer opens the lower [center of the playfield] gate.

Only one of the four highest-scoring shots on this game can be shot directly - - the center horseshoe. This is good for 5000 and five bonus advances, plus the advance switches you go over on the way up and down. Going only partway up either side of it earns 1000 and one advance if you just barely trip the switch, 2000 and two advances if you go past the switch far enough to trip it a second time on the way down.

The other three high-value shots each require an indirect approach. One is the collect bonus chute on the left side, where the ball needs to bounce sideways through the gap to go in. The other two are those gates when open - - you score 6K through the lower gate or 8K through the upper one and it returns the ball to the plunger lane. You want to nudge the ball through them whenever possible.

Basic strategy is shoot the center horseshoe when possible, UTAD and pray for going through an open gate or dropping into the collect bonus chute. If the flippers are strong enough to backhand the horseshoe, that provides you with a wider angle to make the shot than going cross-field.

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