Pro Football (Gottlieb, 1973)

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Quickie Version

 UTAD, unless the flippers are very strong and can push the vari-targets all the way back; if so, you can do vari-targets instead.
 Go-To Flipper:  Balanced.

Full Detail

Skill shot? Nope, this game autoplunges the ball out the center drain when you flip the right flipper. That’s actually one of the most dangerous moments on the game. If the autoplunge is too weak, the ball might hit just one or two switches, then fall back down to a center drain. Watch out!

Your best points on this game are the center spinner and the vari-targets. You can hit the spinner with any of the four flippers, but you’ll do best to use the lower ones since the shot angle is better for going through. The vari-targets score more the further back you push them; which flipper, upper or lower, does that better is a bit more variable from machine to machine. It’s also affected by how steep or shallow the game is. And this is another case where you may need to have the ball rolling down the flipper face to add that extra bit of energy to the shot to push the vari-target all the way back.

Touchdowns are scored every 100 yards and award 6000 points. The lanes, spinner and vari-targets all spot you yards towards that.

The upper flippers of each pair are better for getting the ball up top into the bumper zone; here, the ball can get popped up one of the top lanes for yardage towards a touchdown and points. Obviously you prefer the 50 yards / 500 point lanes [center-most of the three lanes on each side at the top and also the two far outside lanes, one on each side] to the lesser ones when given a chance to nudge between them as the ball is popping around. [Oh, ignore the “when lit” on the top lanes; they always score those values.]

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