Playboy (Bally, 1978)

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Quickie Version

 UTAD via the right orbit from the left flipper and through the narrow gate left of the left bumper from the right flipper.  Shoot the center key standup target each time you finish the four top lane keys. 
 Go-To Flipper:  Balanced.

Full Detail

Five keys, five playmate standups, five drop targets. Which to shoot for? Go for the keys.

Bonus is big here, but only if you can get over 20K in base, which holds to subsequent balls as your “super bonus.” Base bonus goes up to 39,000. Bonus multipliers are earned via getting all five keys, i.e. the four top lanes and the center standup target. First time gives 2X, second time 3X, third time 5X, and after that a special, worth 50K if set to points. Bonus multipliers are held. Maximum total bonus is 195,000 per ball, and up to 100K is held.

The other huge reason to finish the keys at least once each ball is that doing so lights the “Grotto” chute under that top left gate for 25,000. Once you have that 25,000 lit, go to town on it. Besides getting points for it, it also ejects the ball to the top, giving you a chance to work on another set of key lanes, and you’ll get a bonus advance for each lane, too.

As for the other stuff, finishing the drop target bank lights the outlanes for 25K, so if you get them, try to “drain wisely” out the sides. They also light the special, which may be set to award 50,000 points, and finishing additional sets of drop targets awards the same 50K special value.

Completing the playmate standup targets lights the extra ball star rollover in the little arc just above the top playmate. Additional playmate sets light the rollover for special, 50K if set for points.

While you can get 50K from enough sets of either the drop target or standup target bank, they both have drain risk and require several shots to complete. I find that sticking with the UTAD-grotto-keys route is the safer play. I’d only deliberately go for a target if I was down to one left [or two adjacent targets] in either bank, or just needed one to get to the 20K super bonus.

Super bonus is harder to reach than on other Bally games of this era; if you can get there on ball one, there’s a good chance you’ll win that game.

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