Miss-O (Williams, 1969)

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Quickie Version

 Up Top All Day
 Go-To Flipper: Balanced

Full Detail

Skill shot is the center lane for 200 points. While the ball is up in the bumpers, try to nudge it into hitting the top left “A” and top right “D” yellow standup targets to light the bumpers. After that, shoot the center horseshoe shot [500 points] when you can, go up top when you can’t. The horseshoe shot is pretty narrow, so if you’re not sure you’re accurate enough, stick with UTAD. Likewise if the feed when the ball comes out of the horseshoe is bad, avoid it.

Balls can and do sometimes come back up into play after dropping into the zone around the bottom center bumper. Try not to flip when the ball is in there unless the ball is clearly above the edge of the flipper [in the unpainted wood area]. If you flip at the wrong time, the ball can drain under the flipper for zero points. If it drains down one of the three center lanes [ideally the middle one], at least you’ll get points.

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