Melody (Gottlieb, 1967)

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Completing numbers 1-2-3-4 is good [1’s, 2’s and 3’s score 50, the 4’s score 100]; getting lots of saucer collects is better. The saucers kick out from one to another left to right until the right one kicks the ball towards the right flipper. If you can, try to flip from the kickout into the left saucer to repeat the process; if not, UTAD. Ignore the bottom “3” targets. Hit the center 100-point standup target exactly once, to light the bumpers; ignore it thereafter unless the ball goes through the 50-point “bumpers off” gate between the upper bumpers. If that happens, go ahead and relight the bumpers with the center target.

Note there’s a center post between the two central outlanes; use it, and try not to flip then - - if you do and you mis-time your flip, you’ll drain either down the center or under the flipper. If you do get the ball stuck under a flipper [between the tip of the flipper and the larger posts below the tips], try to do a rapid multiple flip to get the ball to bounce off of the large post and back into play.

Saucers score 10 + 10 per lit number of that color. If you have all four numbers of a color lit, the hole awards an extra ball, if enabled. For instance, the top left “1” lane, far left central “2” lane, left side “3” standup and left “4” outlane, once collected, lights the left hole/saucer.

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