Magic (Stern, 1979)

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Quickie Version

 Spinners all day. 
 Go-To Flipper:  Mild bias Left.

Full Detail

Skill Shot: make the “A” to light the spinner add-on [see below] and have the ball deflect off the top bumper towards the drop targets. Only the top bumper is worth 1000 and a bonus advance; the other bumpers are just 100 points.

Spinners are big here, both for the points they can give and for where the ball goes when shot through them. Shots through the right spinner go up top, to get another letter in M-A-G-I-C and a bonus advance. Shots through the left spinner are deflected around towards the upper drop target three-bank, which scores points and increases the bonus multiplier when completed by one level from 1X up to a maximum of 5X.

Completing MAGIC increases the spinner value and lights Extra Ball if enabled [collect EB through the left spinner]. Besides increasing when you complete MAGIC, the spinner lights for an extra 1K per spin every other shot through the top center “A” lane.

Magic has a collect bonus hole that you can’t directly shoot; it’s tucked behind a wedge-shaped section at the upper left of the playfield. You can shoot the ball in the vicinity and hope the bumpers knock it in, but that’s about it. Bonus goes up to 19K times 5X or 95,000 maximum.

Don’t bother shooting the four standup GICM targets along the sides of the game. Yes, they are letters in MAGIC, but they’re not worth the drain risk; take what letters you get from the spinners and random bounces.

A subtle scoring rule on the return lanes: the little red star rollover in the center of the playfield just above the flippers raises the return lanes’ values from 2K to 4K, 6K and then 8K. The return lanes also give two bonus advances, and are shatzable, though watch out for the inlane-outlane drain when trying that.

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