Liberty Belle (Gottlieb, 1962)

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Quickie Version

 Hit the center standup target to light the bumpers, then UTAD.  If you get a clean shot at a roto target lit for 10x, take it. 
 Go-To Flipper: Balanced.

Full Detail

Note that **exactly** one of the roto targets is always lit; it cycles on switches. AFAIK, one bumper is always lit, too [also cycles], until you hit that center target, then all 3 are lit.

A few things to note on this game regarding the roto targets:

  1. Your best chance at hitting the roto targets for score is "bumper love," so get the ball rattling around the top as often and as rapidly as you can.
  2. The inner roto targets, i.e. the two next to the top rollover entry lanes, can only be shot directly from the opposite side upper flipper, through a gap in the upper bumpers.
  3. A good way to try to deliberately score one of the outer two roto targets when lit is a flying backhand, i.e. when the ball is coming out of the top bumpers towards an upper flipper, flip early and try to deflect the ball up into the target above the flipper. You actually have two or three chances to hit it that way - - one directly, one via a bank shot off the outer edge of the top bumper, and a slim one if the ball skims off the upper slingshot above it into the target.
  4. It may be possible to score the outer rotos with shots from the lower flippers, but on some of these games, the flippers aren't strong enough to do so consistently. If that's the case, use the lower flippers to feed the upper ones and treat it like a two-stage rocket.

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