King of Diamonds (Gottlieb, 1967)

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Quickie Version

 Mostly UTAD, ideally shooting at the 50-point K and Q standup targets.  Shoot the center rotating disk when it displays a number you lack.
 Go-To Flipper:  Balanced.

Full Detail

Skill Shot: get a lit lane for 50 points. I prefer the 9 and 6 lanes since after rolling through these, the ball is likely to hit a bumper and score the K or Q target, possibly bouncing back and forth to do so more than once. Balls missing the lanes completely and coming through on either side of the center bumper are the worst.

Your end of ball bonus is 10 points per card scored, but the game keeps track if you have finished all of them and will give you a second “hand” of bonuses for another set of cards.

The center cylinder has various cards on it, but only the three facing you can readily be hit at any given moment. All ten lanes on the game spin the cylinder to reveal other cards. Shoot it to collect any cards you lack; if the three cards you can hit are ones you already have, go up top. Don’t bother shooting the Jack or 10 targets above the return lanes, those shots are risky if made, riskier if missed. Try to pick them up off the cylinder instead. You might also get them by accident with a shot that’s too weak to go up top.

If you’re close to finishing all 13 cards, make your priority doing so; once complete, all 13 cards become available again for another set of end-of-ball bonus. It’s a lot easier to get a bunch more quickly when all 13 are “new” than when you’ve already got most of them.

If you see the ball nearing one of the side “spin roto” lanes, try to get it to go through there rather than roll off the other side of those triangles towards the center. Key feeds are how the ball comes out of these #4 and #5 side lanes, and off the triangular wedges next to them.

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