KISS (Bally, 1979)

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Quickie Version

 Up Top until your bonus is at least 44,000, i.e. you’ve finished one full set of four “K-I-S-S” letters and lit the 44K insert.  At that point, if you haven’t already collected the A-B-C-D targets for double bonus, go ahead and do so.  Then UTAD.
 Go-To Flipper:  Balanced, except Left to get Double Bonus.

Full Detail

The Skill Shot is a Big Deal, since the center lane, when the Yellow light is lit, opens the right-hand gate, and when the White light is lit, it spots you a full set of Kiss letters. If you get it with both lit, great! This is another reason for going UTAD, to get the ball up top for a chance to open the gate when you don’t already have it.

There’s a drop target bank on the left that scores Kiss when completed, plus four individual Kiss letter standup targets spread around the playfield. Ignore both of these completely. Doing anything other than shooting the ball up top through either spinner risks hitting the underside of a bumper, either directly or on a rebound, and getting drained. You’re better off getting the letters from the top five lanes, and of course ideally that center one when lit. You’ll undoubtably get some Kiss letters from these targets anyway, just don’t bother trying to.

The only time to not go for the spinner is once your bonus is high enough, e.g. you have at least finished the letters four times to light the 40K super bonus, then you can go for the A-B-C-D standup bank on the right to get your double bonus. If Extra Balls are on, you can go for this bank a second time, which will earn you the EB. If EBs are off, ignore this bank, too, once you have your double bonus.

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