Jungle Queen / Jungle Princess (Gottlieb, 1977)

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Quickie Version

 finish full banks of drop targets, then shoot either the side lanes from below, the top saucers, or UTAD off the edges of the bumpers to get the ball to fall into the now-lit side lanes from above.
 Go-To Flipper:  Balanced.

Full Detail

The PAPA video on this is one of the better EM ones.

Skill shot: one of A-B-C, preferably the B since you can get A and C below on the playfield.

First goal: shoot the drops for bonus and to light the side lanes for 5000 [all 5 drops on one side lights the lane behind them]. Use the upper stubby flippers to deflect the ball or shoot the lower drops, but try not to use them too much. Transfer to lower flippers whenever possible.

When the ball is coming fast towards the inside of a lower flipper, hold it up to try to get the ball to roll up the return lane into the A or C. When the ball is falling towards the center of a flipper, let it dead bounce.

Once all of the drops on a side are down, shoot for the upper saucer above them for 5000. If the shot misses, it may still roll down the lit 5000 lane below. If the flippers are on the stronger side and you’re pretty accurate, you can shoot the side lanes from the bottom once lit, too, and sometimes get two 5000s via an up-and-down.

Key feeds: kickouts from the two top saucers and roll downs on the right and left sides. Can you let top saucer kickouts dead bounce? Can you deflect side roll down feeds with the stub flippers to the opposite lower flipper? Which strategy you choose once your sides are lit for 5000 depends on both your accuracy and what the kickouts from the top saucers and the drops from the sides do. You want both a shot you can hit and a return you can get control of for whichever choice, top saucer or side lane, you pick.

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