Grand Slam / World Series (Gottlieb, 1972)

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Quickie Version

 doubles and triples on the upper sides all day unless you have the bases loaded, then go for the home run shot at the stand-up targets above the double and triple.
 Go-To Flipper:  Balanced.

Full Detail

Not much to this game, unfortunately. Skill shot is a home run lane at the top, of course. Your best points is if you load the bases and then get a home run, worth 5000, via either of the two standup targets to the outside of the two bumpers. But it’s not likely you’ll deliberately load the bases. The first, second and third base saucers all score 1000 and put a player on that base, but they tend to deflect the ball a lot - - shooting at them is more likely to not go in but have the ball arc out of control after rimming out of the saucer. Besides the saucers, you could load the bases with three three singles if you do so without scoring other hits that drive in runs baseball-style. Again, this is not that likely, even if you’re a good shot, since rebounds can go down the double or triple side lanes, or into the bumpers and then up top or into a random roto target.

I just try to shoot the double and triple on the sides and if the ball settles into the saucer, fine. If I make the double or triple, the ball will continue up to bounce around the bumpers and maybe then go up top for a hit and some lane points or else hit one of those two standups. If I do get the bases loaded, yes, I’ll try not to get a hit other than a single until I can take a shot at the home run.

Note that the outlanes are both home runs, so if you have the bases loaded and drain through one of them, at least you’ll cash in for 5000 points.

The roto-target at the top can give either points or a single, double, etc. I avoid it due to rebound center drain risk.

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