Frontier (Bally, 1980)

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Quickie Version

 Shoot the inline drop targets on the left, then up top through the spinner on the right, and try to get the ball to fall into the collect bonus saucer at the top right.  If you have a lot of predators completed, especially a full set [45K lit], get the bonus multiplier up to 4X via the drop targets on the right.
 Go-To Flipper:  Ideally, alternate; mild bias towards Left for spinner.

Full Detail

Skill Shot: whichever top lane you have the fewest of. Alternately, if shots to the top have a strong tendency to fall into a particular lane, try to get one of the other ones on the plunge.

Big on bonus, but two kinds of bonus, one from upper lanes and the right side 3-bank, the other from inline drops and the center target. The traditional bonus builds by finishing the top lanes 5 times each; extra shots through a lane beyond the fifth one don’t advance you until you finish all three. Each predator is worth 3K in bonus, 45,000 for the whole set. You can get another full set, too; the first set is held, once completed, indicated by the 45,000 light above the predator inserts. The three bank on the right advances the multiplier for it up to 4X, so you can get up to 360,000 in predator bonus.

Collecting bonus during the ball is the route to big scores. Shots to the left inlines light the spinner on the right and open the collect bonus gate at the top right of the game. Shoot the ball through the spinner and try to nudge its rebound off the top left cushion so that it falls into the collect chute. The collect saucer can also be scored if the ball squeezes through the gap to the bottom left of it beside the right bumper, even if the gate is not open. When the ball is bumping around in that area, encourage it to do so!

The predators are also advanced by hitting the three standup targets: one on the left, one in the center, and one on the right to the left of the spinner. Don’t bother shooting at the left and right ones, though, they can be drainy, and it’s better to just advance via top lanes.

The other bonus is the grizzly center one, advanced by shots to the center standup [somewhat risky], with a maximum base bonus of 60K. The multiplier for it is advanced via the left in-lines; the first inline lights the spinner, the next two advance the grizzly multiplier one time, and the standup behind the drops does the final advance to 4X. I tend to not worry about the grizzly bonus much until the predator bonus is pretty high, preferring to try to max out predator and get collect bonus (up top) after a lit spinner shot.

Key feeds are the rebound from the left inline drop targets and the drop-off from spinner shots that don’t go all the way to the top but fall back through the spinner.

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