Flying Carpet (Gottlieb, 1972)

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Quickie Version

 Get the A and P letters, then UTAD.
 Go-To Flipper:  Balanced.

Full Detail

Skill shot is getting either the A or P letter. Getting both letters lights blue bumpers for 100, which is key to this game. Letters earned are kept from ball to ball. Ignore the stand-ups.

This is a mostly-UTAD game, except that you really need to make sure you get both the A and P before you go into UTAD mode. Don’t count on being able to get the A or P via a top lane any time other than on the plunge; if you need either of them, the somewhat dangerous A and P stand-up targets halfway down the playfield sides are you best bet.

The feed from the R and Y side lanes will generally come safely to the opposite-side flipper; some nudging off the top of the L-P or A-I section below may be required, depending on the machine’s slope. The dangerous feeds are from the F and C lanes just below them. If the ball goes down either of these, you usually need to bump the machine to get the ball to bounce off of the divider between the T and N or G and E outlanes at the bottom to get the ball to continue towards the center of the game and one of the flippers.

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