Firepower (Williams, 1980)

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Quickie Version

 Shoot the center standup targets until the left spinner is lit, then UTAD through the spinner. 
 Go-To Flipper:  Right.

Full Detail

Skill Shot: none, other than a thumb plunge to lock a ball in the top saucer when lit.

If you have the ball on the left flipper, and the kickback is not lit it, hit the center target(s) you need to light it, otherwise transfer to the right for a spinner shot up top. If it’s hard for you to transfer from left to right, shoot center standup targets if the spinner is not lit, go up top if it is.

A very important item here is what lights each of the kickback, locks and the spinner. Default settings are kickback on and one set of three standups to light a lock, both sets to light the spinner. The most common competition setting, however, starts with the kickback off, and may require all six targets to both the kickback and the spinner. It also might be set to light the kickback only by completing the three blue power targets on the right side, rather than the number targets in the center. If you are allowed to practice, find out!

The tilt penalty is worse than usual, since besides ending your ball, it resets your locks and multiplier progress.

Bob’s no-longer-secret ball lock: if you have the top right lock saucer lit and the ball in the plunger lane, use a “thumb plunge” [safer than banging it with your fist] to zip the ball into the saucer to lock it.

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