Fast Draw (Gottlieb, 1975)

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Quickie Version

 UTAD.  If you happen to need only one or two drop targets to complete all ten, do so, then shoot the black targets for 5K each.
 Go-To Flipper:  Balanced.

Full Detail

Skill shot: B lane at the top. From the B lane, the ball hits the center bumper and goes … wherever. Might go into a saucer, might go back up top; it’s usually the best option of the three. From the A and C lanes, the ball might go SDTM; it should drop cleanly through the bumpers and land on the flipper below at a speed allowing you to let it dead bounce across and trap up on the other flipper; if so, fine, but observe other players’ results or test it before your game, if permitted, to see where A and C go.

Strategy: UTAD until ball 5. Try to bank the ball off one of the bumpers and into one of the saucers. Saucers score 1000 + 1000 per A/B/C letter collected.

You may see players shoot drops before ball 5. I disagree. The rebounds from the drops are risky. The one situation where shooting drops is okay early in the game is if you find that the rebound from a particular drop target goes up top and lands in a saucer. This is most likely for the 2nd or top-most targets.

On ball 5, the bonus is automatically doubled, so shooting drops is more valuable.

When shooting drops, try to hit them one at a time! While getting two at once makes better progress towards completing them, there’s no reward for that until all ten are down, when the center ones pop back up and become worth 5,000. Until then, hitting two drops at once, or worse two on one side and one or more on the other via a quick rebound, scores only 1 bonus advance! Yes, the drops advance bonus, but it’s not one advance per target down, it’s one advance per “registered” drop. Getting more than one too quickly doesn’t register as multiple hits.

“Fast” Draw often plays slow, so be careful when dead bouncing to make sure the ball is moving fast enough to make it across. But a fast-falling dead bounce will sometimes roll all the way up the side A or C lane, thus collecting it. You want that!

Saucers score 1000 + 1000 per completed letter.

Drops advance bonus; all drops in both banks lights center drops for 5000. Second drop target from the top on each side often banks the ball into the opposite saucer.

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