Evel Knievel (Bally, 1977)

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Quickie version

 Shoot the left drops to light one of the spinners, then lit spinner all day.  If a spinner is lit to begin the game, just do spinner all day from the start.  
 Go-To Flipper:  Balanced.

Full Detail

This is one of those “deferred UTAD” games. First, you need to complete the set of five drop targets to light one of the spinners alternately. This also lights your Double Bonus, so you’ve got two excellent reason for doing this first. Then you go UTAD through the lit spinner. Pay attention to the fact that balls rolling through a return lane will change the lit spinner to the side facing that flipper if that’s not already the lit side - - the machine sets up your shot for you! Plan on shooting the spinner after any return lane balls - - cradle up if it’s going slowly enough, if not, one-time it. Some Evel Knievels have one spinner lit from the start - - that’s the machine’s easier setting. If the one you’re playing is like that, just spinner all day from the start.

Base bonus maxes out at 15K, 30K with double bonus. A few good spinner shots can get you that much, so don’t sweat the bonus advances. The drop targets, standups, top lanes and return lanes all advance bonus, so with a decent ball, you’ll max it out without trying to.

Completing the right side “C-L-E” targets lights the center bumper; don’t worry about that, nor the S-U-P-E-R letters, which award a special (may be set to be worth points, but again, ignore it; if you get it, fine, but it’s not worth going for directly).

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