El Toro (Bally, 1972)

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Quickie Version

 Shoot the mushroom bumpers to light the lanes, then UTAD.
 Go-To Flipper:  Left.

Full Detail

Skill shot: center lane, then one of the lit 1000 lanes.

Right flipper: try to graze the “light #1” mushroom bumper on the right side to light that lane on the right side of the machine; after that, it’s UTAD and nudge for the 1000 lanes.

Left flipper: try to graze “light #2” mushroom bumper on the right side and #3 on the left side to light those lanes. Once two or more lanes are lit, shoot to the upper right for the lanes. [One of your misses might light the third lane anyway.]

Ignore the El Toro letters otherwise unless extra balls are on and playable. In that case, try to finish the El Toro letters to light the top center lane to earn an extra ball. Note the extra ball lane will not always be lit even after you finish the letters; it switches on and off with the tens digit of your score.

Grazing the mushroom bumpers is better than hitting them face on: face shots can rebound in dangerous ways, while grazing hits will continue up the playfield.

If the right flipper is able to backhand the right side waterfall lanes and the feed out of the lanes is good, try repeating that shot as much as possible.

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