Cosmic Gunfight (Williams, 1982)

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Quickie Version

 Right orbit all day.
 Go-To Flipper:  Left!

Full Detail

Cosmic Gunfight is fun to play in multiball, but you needn’t bother to go for it. The best points on the game come from shooting the right orbit over and over. The orbit shot value goes up each time you make it: 20K, 30, 40, 50, 60K, then the next shot starts double playfield scoring; the shot value returns to 20K after that, but now it’s doubled to 40K. The doubler stay active for the remainder of the ball. The orbit shot value is preserved from ball to ball, so if you have 60K lit after ball one, your first two shots to it on ball 2 would score 60K, then the doubler.

The orbit shot feeds the top three lanes, and the value for completing those goes up each time you do so, maxing out at 150K. These values are held from ball to ball as well. And, just to add even more reason to shoot the orbit, balls through the either return lane light it to give you a bonus multiplier advance [not switch hits as stated in the PAPA video]. Your bonus multiplier goes up to 5X, and that, too is held from ball to ball.

Completing the X-Y pair of lanes at the upper left increases the value of the top left saucer from 10K to 20K, 30K, 50K and finally 100K. That saucer also lights to lock a ball once you’ve made the 1-2-3 lanes. Making 1-2-3 a second time also lights the saucer at the far left to lock a second ball. There is not two-ball multiball in this game, only a three ball one that starts immediately after you lock the second ball.

The drop and standup targets are best ignored. Yes, you get some points and bonus from them, but the risk-reward is far lower than for the right orbit.

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