Cleopatra (Gottlieb, 1977)

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Quickie Version

 UTAD.  If in a situation where you can’t go up top but can hit the drop targets in the center, hit ones that match the top lanes you’ve scored, in preference order red, white, blue, yellow, green.
 Go-To Flipper:  Balanced.

Full Detail

Skill Shot: get the red lane in the center.

This game is a combination of bonus, saucers and rollovers. For the best score, focus on shots to the top over the rollovers. Shots through the upper channels usually trip the star rollovers just below the one-way gates; these rollovers are worth 5000 per hit, the best value on the game. You also will get points when the ball then drops through a top lane, including a chance to get another color towards your end of ball bonus. The ball will then often also land in one of the saucers as it drops down the playfield, scoring more points and further helping your bonus cause. Also observe that shots to the top that miss may rattle around in the bumpers and or drop into a side saucer. If you make the shot, great, if you miss but still go through to the top half of the playfield, not too bad either.

Bonus is two step: you only score bonus when you’ve collected both a top lane and a drop target of matching color. Their bonus value differs by color, too, with red worth 5000, white 4000, blue 3000, yellow 2000 and green 1000. It’s possible to double your bonus by collecting both side saucers.

While shooting at the five drop targets in the center of the playfield to enable that half of your bonus is tempting, it’s not your best strategy. Drop target shots risk draining if not precise, and even then, hitting a target at the wrong angle can still lead to draining.

Key feeds are the kickouts from the side saucers. Can you nudge for a repeat saucer collect off of the bumpers and top wedge slings? Can you at least get some bumper action off of the kickout?

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