Centigrade 37 (Gottlieb, 1977)

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Quickie Version

 Quickie Version:  top saucer all day from the left flipper; from the right flipper, finish the drops once, then transfer to the left if possible for saucer shots; if not, go up top for next-best choice, shoot the left side drops as last choice.
 Go-To Flipper:  Left.

Full Detail

UTAD for the most part. From the left flipper, it’s the top saucer all day. From the right flipper, go up top just left of the left-most bumper until all 4 letters A-B-C-D are complete, then shoot drop targets. If a shot to the saucer misses and goes into the right side plinko-type lanes, keep ball out of bottom-most right lane to avoid draining; if it goes into that one anyway, the ball can still often be saved with a properly-timed nudge, but most people nudge too soon! Wait until the ball is actually part way into the outlane, say 1/5 of the way, then do a sideways nudge. This will get the ball to hit the edge of the return lane or the outer post and perhaps flick it onto the return track.

Letters first because this lights the drops for 5K instead of 500. Once the drops are down, shooting a lit bullseye is ok.

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