Captain Fantastic (Bally, 1976)

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Quickie Version

 UTAD, but get both A, B and the center when lit to open the gate in the process.
 Go-To Flipper:  Balanced, but lower Right plays a bit safer.

Full Detail

One of the most popular EMs ever, and a frequent choice for tournaments.

Skill shot: top center lane when lit [alternates on switch hits, nudge as needed] opens ball save gate on lower right. Get this first. Shoot the ball up top again first chance you get: scoring both the “A” and “B” lights, which alternate opposite to the center lane, gets you double bonus. Continue UTAD until bonus is doubled and maxed [15,000 base]. Once bonus is maxed, you can, if you choose, switch to shooting the drop targets at the middle left from the lower flipper. If EBs are on, completing the targets lights the EB lane. If not, you still get decent points each time you complete the target bank. Avoid shots with the upper flipper - - if you miss low, you drain out the left, and even if you hit the targets, the rebound from this angle can go out the right outlane.

Key feed: when the ball is coming past the upper right flipper, what happens 1: when you hold that flipper up; 2: when you leave the flipper down; 3: when you have the flipper up but drop it as the ball reaches the flipper. As always, you’re looking for a repeatable choice that gets the ball to a cradle, or at least a nearly-stopped-ball on a lower flipper.

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