Butterfly (Sonic, 1971)

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Quickie Version

 UTAD from the right flipper.  From the left flipper, complete the drop target three-bank once to light the double bonus lanes, then try not to shoot with the left flipper, just transfer to the right and continue UTAD with it.
 Go-To Flipper:  Right.

Full Detail

Skill shot: center lane for advance bonus. But … on some Butterflys, the ball will hit the top bumper and deflect to the left and out of control, while a plunge through the right-hand top lane will bounce off the same bumper to the right and down over the advance bonus and point lanes on the right-hand side, which is actually worth more.

Making the three angled drop targets in the center lights set up an opportunity for Double Bonus: activate double bonus by getting the ball to go through either the right side return lane or the outer [left-most] left side return lane. While there’s no direct shot for either of these, if you shoot the ball to the top and can get it to come back down the right side behind the drop target section, the feed from the bottom of the right side lane will go directly into the right return lane to turn on your double bonus. The easiest way to achieve this is to shoot the upper left side “extra ball when lit” lane from the right flipper hard enough for the ball to continue around the arc behind it and across to the right side of the game.

Bonus is advanced via the top center lane, the three standup targets when lit [a yellow one on the left, two red ones on the right], both outlanes, the upper right side lane, the top left saucer, and the inner [right-most] left side return lane. While you can shoot four of these directly, I advise against shooting at any of the three standups due to rebound risk. Be patient and advance the bonus via the saucer and that upper right lane; any random return lane or target hits you get are “a bonus bonus.”

General strategy is to first max out the bonus at 100,000 with shots to the saucer or around the left side arc and down through the upper right side lane. Only then should you risk going for the center drop targets for double bonus. The drop targets themselves only score 100 at first, but their value rises to 1,000 after completing the first set and then 10,000 per target after completing the second set. If you have the ball on the left flipper, try to transfer it safely to the right flipper via shatzing - the opening is relatively wide, so it’s not too hard to do, and since there’s a “hard corner” in the return lane, the ball is not at risk of going up the return lane and out the outlane. It will hit the hard corner, stop there and come back to the right flipper

Note the upper saucer scores 1000 plus 1000 per lit light, maxing out at 10,000, so it’s worth shooting in its own right. Lit lights are earned by scoring the top red standup or top left entry lane [red light 1], left yellow standup or top center lane [yellow light], bottom right red standup or top right entry lane [red light 2] and maxing out the bonus at 100,000 [white light].

If Extra Balls are on, you earn one by first completing the center drop targets twice, then shooting that left side arc.

Key feed is out of the top left saucer: sometimes it comes back to a flipper such than you can repeat the shot.

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