Bon Voyage (Bally, 1974)

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Quickie Version

 UTAD via the far right outer arc from the left flipper.  From the right flipper, shoot the saucer if at 4K or 5K, the captive ball otherwise.
 Go-To Flipper:  Left.

Full Detail

Skill shot: get the B letter first, then work your way down from left to right until you have the O and N letters as well. I recommend this order since the ball tends to rattle down and to the right when failing to settle into a lane, making the B the hardest to get.

This game is UTAD from the left flipper, but shoot the outer “deflector” lane where the ball goes up to the top standup and then back down to get deflected back into the plunger lane rather than along the rollovers left of it. This scores additional points [5K if you hit the standup, 3K when going back into the plunger lane], and you’ll still get to shoot the ball up top towards the B-O-N letters just as if you’d shot at them more directly via going up the right side star rollovers. The ball ends up in the same place, but you score more points en route.

Top top right target also awards up to three letters when hit: notice it has three lights below it, “BON, “VOY” and “AGE”. One of those three lights will always be lit. When you hit the target, it gives you any of the letters in the lit trio that you don’t already have. Thus, this is the easiest way to collect letters quickly.

When the ball is on the right flipper, you have a couple of choices. The center spinner changes the value of the left-side saucer between 1K and 5K [see lights on playfield]; if the saucer value is at 1K or 2K, you may want to shoot the spinner and hope it stops on a bigger number.

The top left lane scores 3000 unless you have all 9 letters of Bon Voyage, in which case it scores a special [useless in tournaments, free game on location] and resets the letters [bad in tournament, it removes your bonus]. You score it by hitting the captive ball into it, which will also get you 4000 points as the ball goes up and down over the two inner switches. Weaker hits to the captive ball will score 1000 to 4000 depending on how far up they go.

Bonus [letters] carries over from ball to ball.

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