Big Deal (Williams, 1977)

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Quickie Version

 UTAD [left side only].
 Go-To Flipper:  Right.

Full Detail

“Big Deal” is a misnomer as far as the game’s name relates to tournament play. The “B-I-G-D-E-A-L” letters are for earning extra balls and replays, so they’re largely irrelevant in competition. The “big deal” for scoring on this game is the Aces. There are four ace lanes at the top, and four more below, the two return lanes and the two outanes. Each ace lane adds 10K to your bonus. Getting all four aces doubles your bonus. You also advance your bonus with each of the three red standup targets [left side of lower playfield; below and left of top Ace of Spades lane; and center upper right of horseshoe], as well as with the horseshoe shot. The horseshoe is also worth 10K for each Ace you’ve collected so far on that ball. So, UTAD it is - keep going there to max out your bonus and get all four aces to double it. Once you’ve done that … just keep shooting the left orbit to the top for 5K per shot from the right flipper and heading towards the horseshoe from the left flipper. You can totally ignore the big deal letters for the entire game unless extra balls are on; if EBs are on, you still shouldn’t bother hitting the letters until your bonus is maxed out at 200K.

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