Barracora (Williams, 1981)

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Quickie Version

 Shoot the Barracora letters in order for each side’s set.  B-A-RR on the left, A-C-O-R-A on the right, doing the five on the right first if possible. Once ACORA is done, shoot up the right orbit to the top saucer to lock a ball.  Then keep repeating letter shots to get your two 5X multipliers.
 Go-To Flipper:  Balanced.

Full Detail

The letter sequences do more than just light locks, they advance two types of bonus multipliers. Each completion of either side advances the regular bonus X. Each pair of completions increases the Super Bonus X. These are multiplicative factors, so you can get anywhere from 2X to 25X bonus. The regular multiplier resets each ball, but the Super multiplier is preserved, so advancing it is huge. Base bonus goes up to 29,000, so a max collect is worth 745,000. Base bonus is advanced 1000 for each lane scored, the three at the top, the two return lanes and the two outlanes.

Lane changes are useful here; completing 1-2-3, changed with the right flipper, increases the lower saucer value to 30K, 60K then 90K, while completing 4-5-6, changed with the left flipper, increases the bullseye shot value to 20K, 40K or EB [may be 100K]. The saucer value resets when scored, but not the target value, so the 4-5-6 is the more useful of the two. Both reset each ball. But a ball going through a top lane will score the lowest unscored value, so if you want a 4, 5 or 6, you must get the ball through a lane where you have already collected the 1, 2 or 3 on that cycle. If you work it right, you can score the 4-5-6 with just 4 lanes, by moving which of the 1-2-3 you already have. Completing all six numbers lights the upper saucer for collect bonus, which resets your base bonus when collected.

The center standup targets increase the base value [left] and multiplier [right] for the target bonus in the horseshoe. Don’t bother shooting them intentionally, though, let it happen on its own. If you happen to have the value up high [it maxes out at 10X/25K or 250,000 points], go ahead and take it, otherwise ignore it. It resets when collected unless your multiplier and base value are on the same tier, e.g. 19K and 3X or 25K and 10X, in which case both the base and the multiplier are preserved. It’s possible to get it up to 250K, where it will stay until collected twice or until the end of the ball. Odds are, though, that you’ll collect it accidentally and ruin your chances of getting that far when the ball is bouncing around the bumpers, so don’t focus on it.

The locks and multiballs on this game are unique. A ball locked in the upper saucer acts as a ball save unless you start a 3-ball multiball: if you drain before starting multiball, the ball is kicked back into play [and you must re-earn lighting the lock]. A ball locked in the lower saucer will start a 2-ball multiball if there’s no ball in the top one and start a 3-ball multiball if there is.

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