Bank Shot (Gottlieb, 1976)

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Quickie Version

 Collect as many pool balls as possible, then shoot the two saucers at the sides up top.
 Go-To Flipper:  Balanced.

Full Detail

Skill shot: the center lane, worth “wow” when lit, and it’s the only way to collect the one ball. Ideally, this should be set in tournament play so that “WOW” scores 50,000, rather than an extra ball or being turned off. This puts a premium on finishing all the pool balls. Once you have the one ball, the skill shot is to go for any other lane you need unless wow is lit.

Shoot as many different pool balls as you can; each adds 1,000 to your end-of-ball bonus. Once you have most of the balls, shoot for the top two saucers for partial collects: they score 1000 for each lit ball on the corresponding side of the triangle [and 100 for each unlit ball of the five]. Rollovers and targets are all worth 500 and bumpers 100 [their value is unmarked on the playfield, so you’d know it only if the instruction card is present].

Some key feeds on this game are when the ball exits the 10, 11, 6 and 9 lanes - - from the 10 and 11, it will usually hit the post outside the top of the 6 and 9 lanes; you want to nudge it to go into them if you haven’t haven’t collected them yet. If it won’t go in there, the key is avoiding a center drain bounce. From the 6 and 9, the ball will hit the post below the lane; nudge so it either goes in the 2 or 3 return lanes or comes out into the middle of the playfield towards a flipper. Beware of the “slow dribbler” out the bottom of the 6 or 9, which often bounces <low post> – <top outside of slingshot> – <outlane>.

The other two key feeds are how the ball is kicked out of the upper collect saucers. Shoot each saucer early to find out. If you’re lucky and or good, you might get the kickout to go <post above 10 or 11 lane> – <bumper> – <into the 10 or 11 lane>.

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